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Chris Coury - Youth Hockey Coach

I've coached youth hockey here in the Detroit area for 43 years. Dr. Pierce introduced himself to me in 1997 or '98 when I was coaching at Little Caesars and asked to be involved with our team as the team Dr. He remained our team Dr. at Little Caesars and then 8 years ago I joined the Belle Tire Hockey club and he came over with us.

For our team nothing but excellent service. His staff looked after us, all of our players. If we needed something, if someone was injured he immediately took care of them. He and his staff worked to get the players back on the ice and still do, as quickly as possible.

Athletes need some sort of a competitive edge to continue to play when they are injured or having their injuries taken care and treated properly so they heal quickly.

MSSC has done a fantastic job in getting the athletes back on the ice in our case, as quickly as possible, giving us a little edge some times over our competitors because we have this facility at our convenience. And with MSS everyone's treated the same whether they are a professional athlete, or a young developing athlete or the general public and they do the same excellent job for everybody.

With any injury, this is the place to come because they will be treated quickly and everything will be done to put them back on the ice as soon as possible.

When you are in charge of a hockey team or making sure your athletes are healthy so your team is playing the best, you go to the best, and I consider MSSC the best team and they ensure that your team is in the best condition.


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