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Michigan Sports and Spine

Our Staff

Jeff S. Pierce, D.O.

Dr. Jeff S. Pierce is the Medical Director of the Michigan Sports & Spine Centers, PC. He specializes in a comprehensive treatment program for spine, musculoskeletal and joint injuries including sports and occupational problems. His focus for each patient is on comprehensive evaluation, proper diagnosis and individualized treatment regimens.  Dr. Pierce provides an educational approach to injuries and conditions to encourage the patient to share responsibility in his or her situation. Dr. Pierce also teaches prevention techniques to prohibit further injury, empowering patients to control their recovery. 

Chauncy L. Eakins, MD

Dr. Chauncy L. Eakins is a full-time staff member of Michigan Sports & Spine Center.  

Terri Mitchell

Terri Mitchell is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Michigan Sports and Spine, Terri began her college education at MSU before receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from Ohio State University, she continued her education at UCLA and received her Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing.

Melissa Chambers, MS, PA-C

Melissa received her Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University where she majored in Health Fitness & Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs and minored in both Science and Personal and Community Health.  

Brandon C. Weber, MS, PA-C

Mr. Weber received his Bachelors of Science Degree with high honors from the University of Michigan and his Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Practice from Wayne State University where he was also a Presidential Scholar.

Julie Parker, ATC

Jules graduated from Eastern Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine and has been an ATC since 2003.

Stephanie N. Hargraves, PA-C

Stephanie Hargraves received her Bachelor of Applied Arts from Central Michigan University where she majored in Child Development and minored in Psychology.

She continued her education at Central and achieved a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

Steve Olson, ATC, CSCS

Steve Olson is the Chief Operating Officer for Michigan Sports & Spine as well as all of Dr. Jeff S. Pierce's other business ventures, foundations and philanthropic activities. Steve is also a certified athletic trainer and a proud Bison (graduate of North Dakota State University).


Front Office Staff

The friendly voices you year and smiling faces you see behind the computers are Eman Almehdi and Leen El'Zayat (pictured right to left).