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Michigan Sports and Spine Center understands your pain, situation (workers' compensation case), injury (auto accident or sports injury) and is dedicated to finding the proper diagnosis for you. Any treatment or medication we may prescribe for you will be based on your individual needs. Our highly rated, top physicians will evaluate your issues, concerns and requirements; never giving up on our patients until we solve the pain not just “bandage” it. Our 80% success rate compared to the 50% national average proves that we are here for you.

Our combined expertise and experience enables us to provide a complete spectrum of services to help you stay active, healthy and free of pain.

Why Choose Us

Our studies prove that MSSC has patient success rates much higher than the national average.

Innovative leaders utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as muskuloskeletal ultrasounds.

MSSC is committed to resolving your pain, not simply masking it. 

We treat everyone from high-profile athletes to your neighbor next door.